News: Twinkle Star Sprites ~la Petite Princesse~ website opens

tss_01.jpg Some have been calling this forthcoming PS2 version of the classic Neo-Geo game ‘Twinkle Star Sprites’ a sequel more than a proper port, and they may be right after all. Today the official site has been revealed, and the first actual details have been unveiled along with it. There will be several new characters (some of them still under wraps), new stages and it seems that the graphics are being redrawn in full high resolution, with some 3D enemies. Thanks to Lech from Click-Stick boards.

News: Namco X Capcom info

More Namco Cross Capcom info – this is the SRPG crossover developed by Monolith (Xenosaga), if you’re not yet aware. the game will have 200+ characters, roughly 100 from each side. The characters are designed by the guy from Tekken 4, and the game will come with a soundtrack CD when it’s released on the 26th of may, for PS2. It’s really looking nice – there’s a 3 minute movie of it on the latest Famitsu Wave disc. Check out the official site, and view the commercial.

News: Katamari Damashii DS

Strange. Just this month at GDC, someone asked Keita Takashi, KD director, if he would be interested in porting the game to handhelds. He said, in a word “No.” Maybe it’s not him that’s doing it then. Katamari Damashii is announced for Nintendo DS.

[edit] – missed the boat on this by about 10 days. But hey, maybe someone else did too?

News: Grandia III revealed

g3_01.jpg So Square-Enix’ ‘megaton game announcement’ for this week isn’t about a proper Square-Enix game after all. Famitsu magazine has published a huge preview of Game Arts’ Grandia III in its latest issue. The game will be published for the PS2 by Square-Enix this year and is counting on You ‘Valkyrie Profile’ Yoshinari to do the character creation. The ‘semi realtime’ combat system will be back again and Game Arts is putting special care into the location designs and background graphics. All that remains is to find out if Iwadare is in charge of the BGM again.

News: March News Round-Up

Time for a quick round-up of some of the fun alt.goings-on this week, perhaps, from endearing Nintendogs movies, through sexy indie gamers, all the way to surreal text adventures:

– has a bunch of new Nintendogs movies, including a photo diary of ‘My Life With Nintendogs’ from some representative and puppy-hungry Japanese girls.

– the finalists for the Sexiest Indie Gamer of All Time are up at These Adonis-es are handsome/beautiful, and they love indie games – a winning combination, I’m sure you’ll agree.

– Missed this one from a while back, but has a nice Alien Hominid-related photo report on visiting the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Conference. We love teh (fiendishly difficult) Hominid.

– A report from the Taiwanese Digitimes site revealed that Iron Phoenix developers InterServ, the only official Xbox developers from Taiwan, are working on a game called Condor Trilogy Online for Xbox 2. In addition, it claims: ‘The development costs of an Xbox2 game is estimated to exceed US$ 1 million.’ No wonder outsourcing is so popular.

– The overall winners for the 2004 XYZZY Awards for interactive fiction (that’s text adventures, if you prefer) have been announced. Looks like the ‘surreal’ Blue Chairs cleaned up, and may be well worth checking out.

News: Kill Bill mod for Beats Of Rage

killbill.jpg The original Beats Of Rage by Senile Team has spawned a plethora of mods over multiple platforms for the Streets Of Rage vs. King Of Fighters ‘freeware’ original. The latest and possibly best turns the game into a strangely appropriate Kill Bill Vol.1 riff. There are multiple screenshots of the very brief but satisfying mod over at, and GP32News has a link to the GP32 PAK download itself. It’s also available for PC and for Dreamcast over at the BoR Revolution mods page – you’ll need the freely downloadable full game to run any of these. Oh, and other fun-looking (and entirely unofficial) BoR total conversions include a very gory DOOM mod, a whole other Kill Bill mod (DC only?), and even a Day Of The Tentacle mod (so far unreleased.)

News: Akai Shizuku for the PSP website opens

akai01.jpg Shortly after the release of Japanese PSP launch title Shiroki Majo, Bandai is preparing the launch of its follow-up, the fourth episode in Falcom’s well known ‘Eiyuu Densetsu’ (‘The Legend of Heroes’) RPG series. ‘Eiyuu Densetsu: Gagharv Trilogy ~Akai Shizuku~’ has now an official site and a new release date: June 2nd. The remake will again consist of a whole new graphic design, with new character sprites in 3D backgrounds and the assistance of Falcom’s original illustrator.