News: Touch! Dic!

| brandon

Perhaps the most unfortunately named DS title ever, Touch! Dic! is actually somewhat interesting, if you do a little investigation. It’s a newly announced original title from Korea – the manufacturer, not necessarily developer, is Daiwon C&A Holdings, the exclusive Korean Nintendo distributor. The company, formed in 1973, is largely known for animation. They have released Pokemon properties, Ghibli films, and also have a satellite broadcasting business in conjunction with Bandai. The company has also dabbled in original Korean games through partnership with “Hanvit Soft”, which is a botched translation of Hanbitsoft, whose pedigree you can see here. Daiwon does however, have a development group of their own for ports, so it’s entirely possible that the group could create original games in-house. The Touch! Dic! website will go fully live in two days, but unfortunately this is nothing more than a dictionary for the DS (confirmed here). The reference on the box cover, that company having a large translation division, suggests that this might specifically be a korean-english dictionary. So perhaps it’s not as interesting to play as it was to investigate!

Update: The official site is now live, for those interested. As dictionaries go, it looks nice. Also has a calculator function.


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