News: Adventure II

adventure2.jpgIn more Atari-related news, Adventure II for the Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers, now has an official license from Atari Corp to use the Adventure name. There’s a movie available for download on the site, as well as some screens – it’s planned for a physical cart release before the end of the year.

News: Movies on Lynx

Forget Sony’s PSP, and mock Nintendo’s Play-Yan, because here’s the real hardcore experience for movie fans: a movie played on the Atari Lynx. Sure, right now it only runs at 12fps and lasts about 4 seconds, but the Lynx has never been the bastion of long playtime anyway… Too bad the author, Exceed, had the poor taste of testing it with Taxi 3.

Apparently this guy is very excited with all things related to Atari and even has things to say about the Amiga, so you might want to keep a bookmark somewhere. Thanks Kanu for the link.

News: Grev, Milestone, Triangle Service interviews

Edge Online has put up a very nice series of interviews, which originally ran in the proper magazine. It’s called The Small Guns, and deals with the trials and tribulations of these three small companies, none of which has a staff size larger than eight. Of particular note is the Milestone interview in the middle, stating that the group are all ex-compile staff. Ranging from very logical to a bit delusional (Triangle!), these are all worth reading.

News: Ryuuko no Ken, Samurai Spirits and World Heroes, on their way to the PS2

NGOC_logo.JPG It already was a loudly-spoken secret, but now it has an official nature thanks to Nikkei: The next volumes in the Neo-Geo Online Collection after The King of Fighters: Nests Hen will have the (provisional) names of ‘Ryuuko no Ken’ (Art of Fighting), ‘Samurai Spirits’ and ‘World Heroes’. They supposedly will include more than one game per volume, but it hasn’t been revealed yet. The first one, ‘Ryuuko no Ken’, is scheduled for this year.

News: PSP Princess Crown details

pcrown_01.jpg As we reported back in September, Atlus is preparing a PSP version of Saturn’s fabulous Princess Crown from 1997. Today, Rakuten has let us know some bits of information. The game will presumably be a direct port, with the possibility to adapt the screen format to 16:9 and change the text font. We don’t know how they are doing the change to the PSP screen’s hi-res display, though. Release date is September, 22nd.