News: GPX2 unveiled

| chazumaru

gp.jpgAs you might have heard earlier today, Korean company Gamepark presented the GPX2, which is indeed the successor to the illfated GP32. The GPX2 is yet another attempt at challenging the mainstream handheld market by providing a system filled with multimedia applications and a very open policy on homebrew development. One good news is that the system is supposed to be cheaper at launch than the actual GP32. Check the official website for technical specifications ; it looks like the device is still mostly focused on 2D.

<Brandon’s note: The system uses a dual ARM9 processors, one for general processing, and a separate one for video, which should make this pretty decent for multimedia. The sound specs don’t look much higher, but it should still make a semi-decent MP3 player.>

The GP32 was one of the most promising systems in the 2D-centric market and has one of the strongest homebrew software followings, so there’s a good chance the GPX2 might benefit from the same. Alas, Sony’s multimedia policy behind the PSP, as well as homebrew developers taking full advantage of the numerous security failures on both the DS and the PSP make GPX2’s utility less flagrant than the GP32’s in the calmer times of the GameBoy Advance’s quiet dominance.

Edit: removed stupid error from brandon – the GP32 used SMC, not SD cards. Thanks Lawrence!


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