Rumor: New card game from SNK

Card Fighters Clash 1 and 2 are pretty widely regarded as one of the Neo Geo Pocket’s best ‘killer apps’, on top of being among the best card battle games in general. Even though the question was answered with a ‘no’ when we asked SNK at GDC, there are new rumors that a new card game is in the works from SNK, based on an interview in the hong kong-based ‘game next’ magazine. The original interview is transcribed on orochinagi.

News: XGP Pictures

Thanks to various tips pointing out that the new Gamepark XGP (not to be confused with Gamepark Holdings’ GPX2) has a face beyond the “Coming Soon!!!” website. Check out some screens of the new handheld (with two models! though apparently only type-b will be used for final production), complete with flip-and-twist screen and cell phone number pad. You can also download a video from our old pals GPzigi. Not sure if this is actually out, or coming soon, or…what.

News: Home Trackball designer working at radio shack

Headline according to Frank Cifaldi’s latest ‘catching up’ piece, with Dan Kramer, who made the first home trackball controller. He’s got a new company now, White Fusion. But one wonders how many other talented designers are working in retail now – much like how most old metal guitarists now install cable (and do hilariously great limited reunion tours with album names like recovered or resurrection).

News: Iga interview

I interviewed the goth man in the cowboy hat (director of all things Castlevania) for gamasutra – you can read it here. I kind of like it. Here’s an excerpt!

2D gameplay is precise – it can come down to one pixel of accuracy for attacking, defending, jumping, any sort of platforming element. In the 3D gaming environment, appreciation of distance is much more subtle, and control has to be looser. In 2D, the distance between the player and the enemy is very important, and can be planned carefully. In 3D, distance isn’t the important thing, but rather timing.

News: NES club’s first meeting

For those in the San Francisco area, the NES club we mentioned a bit ago is actually having its first meeting tonight, from 6-8 pm at rockin’ java on haight. While we might not totally be on time, there will be at least three insert credit reps there, in the form of myself, aaron meyers (frontpage topbar creator), and alex vo (onetime reviewer, now runs treasure site SFKosmo). Check the official site for more details. Say hi if you show up!