News: DataEast X SunSoft

| chazumaru

mi_01.jpg It was bound to happen: some doujin group got inspired by Namco X Capcom and produced its own insane dream match. Syunpu Teikobo and Mirai Tekikuukan have united their forces to produce DataEast X SunSoft, a cross-over which is an undeniable proof of good taste from the creators. Right now it’s “only” a fantastic movie which you can download on their site through numerous mirrors, but one can only hope the net reaction will drive them into trying to make it a complete game – although the work to accomplish would be of titanic proportions. The names of most featured series are given away in the vid, but note some really cool hidden references and cameos such as Ruth from Crude Busters, the ox from Fighter’s History Dynamite, Chelnov facing “Chelnov MD”, the checkered background of Death Blade, Tantei Saburou Jinguuji’s tobacco jokes or Albert holding a “Hero’s Sword” made of wood. Found on the IC boards.


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