Site News: insert credit wiki

Indeed! There is now an insert credit wiki! Not much there now, but that’s what wikis are for, I suppose – community interaction. So, head on over, and make with the data! Incidentally, if you really like someone else’s description of a term, like the eroge thing we linked last week, please ask before you steal. But stealing is fine, with permission! It’s login-only right now, just so we only get the serious folks. Enjoy, and let’s make this a nice resource, eh? Thanks to Lawrence for setting it up, and vince for figuring out how to use it, sort of. I put something of a sample page up there, so try to follow the same format.

Update! For those of you having trouble registering (the database keeps going down, not for the wiki, but for sending confirmation and password emails), there’s a support page now. And if you haven’t looked at the wiki since I first linked it, it’s already evolved quite a bit!

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Game culture: West Side Story in Gouketsuji Ichizoku

kof96_01.jpgIt’s nice to find that someone has put in the effort to compile almost every cameo, ripoff and motif used by Japanese video-games from filmic industry. Hollywood movies, aside from Japanese animation, were indeed the first resource for gaming themes back in the 80s. and this site shows it with passion. Even if it’s in Japanese, it contains lots of illustrated examples. A per-kana index is located here and the per-game page is this. Enjoy.

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News: DaVinci surgical system

Thanks to Manekineko and Psiga on the forums for pointing this out: a surgical tool with a videogame-like interface, where the surgeon manipulates tools in 3D virtual space. From the official site: ”Powered by state-of-the-art robotic technology, the surgeon’s hand movements are scaled, filtered and seamlessly translated into precise movements of the EndoWrist Instruments. The net result: an intuitive interface with breakthrough surgical capabilities.” Looks more like a proctology instrument to me.

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News: Sonic Xtreme sold

sonic-x.jpgAn actual saturn-playable demo of Sonic-Xtreme has been sold via Frank Cifaldi, on the Assembler forums. Apparently the demo sold for over $3,000, considering that it’s the only known demo in existence. Very unlikely that this will be shared with the community, as one would assume the buyer wouldn’t want to devalue the purchase…
While you’re at it, take another look at Secrets of Sonic Team, which has tons of great info on sonic prototypes, glitches, and hidden data.

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News: ‘Playing Catch-Up’, ‘Media Consumption’

kramer.jpg Not to make this ‘all Gama, all the time’, but some of you may not have spotted IC uber-ally Frank Cifaldi’s two regular columns for biz site Gamasutra, ‘Catching Up With’ (a more polite version of “Where Are They Now?”, Spinal Tap fans), and ‘Media Consumption’ (dealing with what media game professionals have been, uhh, consuming.)

Anyhow, there’s been a lot of updates to the column recently: the rather fun/educative ‘Catching Up With’ just got a hold of The Fat Man (infamous old The 7th Guest musician), and before that found Ted Woolsey (Final Fantasy translator), David Siller (veteran Aero The Acrobat creator), Dan Kramer (Atari trackball designer), Will Harvey (Zany Golf creator), Howard Scott Warshaw (Yars’ Revenge, E.T. for the Atari 2600), Steve Purcell (saintly Sam & Max creator), Al Lowe (captain of the Leisure Suit Larry sloop), and Paul Reiche III (Archon, Star Control creator).

Meanwhile, ‘Media Consumption’ has also extracted important cultural information on currently favored music, books, DVDs, films, and even games from various creators, including God Of War’s David Jaffe, WayForward’s Abbie Goldsmith, comic/game writer Paul Jenkins, Death Jr’s Chris Charla, Tilted Mill’s Keith Zizza, The Godfather’s Jenny Ryu, Puzzle Pirates’ Daniel James, Treyarch’s Jamie Fristrom, Sony Japan’s Gregg Tavares, Lionhead’s Tadhg Kelly, Double Fine supremo Tim Schafer, and Alien Hominid’s mighty fine Dan Paladin. These columns are much fun for of the reading – watch for more.

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