News: Best japanese games of the year, fun with hironobu sakaguchi

| tim

he really needs to shave that mustache. if you're reading this alt text, you obviously think so, too. let us start an underground fundraising campaign to buy the man a pair of small scissors and a razor! So yeah, is a loopy, wacky website. I know you love it, because I love it, too. Anyway, my twin brother William has just recently posted a feature over there detailing what he believes are the ten most significant Japanese videogames released in 2005. While I agree with the list almost entirely (especially the top pick), I wonder why he didn’t put Resident Evil 4 on there. I mean, that’s a pretty big one to forget. That, and I still don’t know why he likes Ikusagami more than Drag-on Dragoon 2. Oh well. You can’t win them all. Go check it out, anyway!

In other news, this week’s year-end Famitsu reports a lot of wacky stuff, including the information that Hideo Kojima’s making a brand-new Metal Gear Solid game that is “just like a regular action game — with one thing radically different.” Even bigger than this, Famitsu also interviews Final Fantasy‘s own Hironobu Sakaguchi about his recent acquisition of up-and-coming superstar development house cavia (whose games, including Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Drag-on Dragoon 2 I have quite a thing for. Anyway, my twin brother William has written a splendid column about Sakaguchi, his first Mist Walker game with cavia (something of a mix of Shadow of the Colossus and Katamari Damacy that sounds too crazy not to work), and his status as the “Man of the Year,” also over at You’d be wise to check it out. I guess there’s some other stuff in there, too.


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