News: Playable insects in ACE2

| ollie

rean1.jpgYoshiyuki Tomino’s latest magnum animated opus, The Wings of Rean, is doing quite nicely in Japan. Being the first ONA (Original Net Animation) anime series, episodes are initially released online and then on DVD. The second episode of a scheduled six was released only a few days ago. Rean appears to be a sequel to the novels of the same name from the mid-80’s, though with added mecha, and is also based in the same locale as Aura Battler Dunbine; the mythical world of Byston Well.

The interesting gaming related trinket is that both the Nanajin and Oukao aura battlers (the mecha of choice for the population of Byston Well) were made as playable units in the recent Another Century’s Episode 2, before the episodes were released that featured them. Thankfully you can also team up with the Dunbine aura battlers as well, in true Super Robot Taisen style.

The design work for these new aura battlers was helmed by Takumi Sakura and Tamotsu Shinohara, of which the latter worked extensively on Kamen Rider 555 (so the insect orientated design isn’t a new thing).


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