News: Senjou no Kizuna location test

| ollie

kizuna_cockpit.jpgThe rather immense Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna arcade game will be on location test at Plabo (Nakano) from April 29th until May 7th. Unlike the recent announcement of an Xbox 360 Gundam game which is just a Battlefield clone, Kizuna is a very interesting arcade game if only for the fact it boasts a proper 180 degree view cockpit (with control sticks and foot pedals to boot). It’s also based around the same technology as the O.R.B.S. cabinet that was developed a while back (a Starblade sequel was planned for it but it got canned, unfortunately).

Based around two teams of eight mobile suits per side, Kizuna will be networked across arcades in Japan. This is mostly due to the prohibitively expensive price tag for each machine and that arcades supposedly won’t be able to afford more than one. Admittedly, there is only one mobile suit from that era of the Universal Century timeline with a linear seat-esque cockpit but it really doesn’t matter when you consider that you will be encased by a screen that is actually bigger than you are.


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