Not much to do with anything: “We has a several meaning”

| tim

all you need is wii; give wii a chance; say wii want a revolution; wii is over; why don't wii do it in the road The darkest corners of the internet are discussing “Wii” fervently. “Wii” is an event that comes only once a season: The Biggest Day In Internet History.

On that second thread, you can read an amusing post that points out how “Wii” is only the second-ever monosyllabic game-console name in history. (Can you remember the first? Answer is behind the link.) Also, my good friend and yours John Hummel chimes in with an enlightened post.

What do I think, personally? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter what the thing is called. (I’d personally have called it the “Mii,” though I guess that’s just me.) The games will probably be fun?

It could have been worse — they could have called the system “Driv3r”!!

It does remind me of something, however. During my first year of college, a music theory professor in the Indiana University Music School found a sheet of paper half crumpled outside a dustbin. It was an essay entitled “WE,” apparently written by a foreign exchange student. It became a “meme” (“weme”?) on campus, and just a short search on the phrase “We has a several meaning” yielded this page, which displays that the joke kept going years after I forgot about it. I recommend everyone read it, and then compare it to Nintendo’s introductory message on the Wii website. Notice the similarity in themes. “We has a several meaning,” compared to “Introducing Wii . . . as in ‘We.'”

This is fate. A linguistics professor at IU analyzed “We” and determined it was written by a Japanese person. Might this young man have sharpened his English, grown up and moved back to Kyoto? Mysteries abound as E3 approaches.


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