News: A truly Brave Story

| ollie

bravestory.jpgOne of author Miyuki Minabe’s literary works, called Brave Story, is getting the anime feature treatment (courtesy of Gonzo). The trailers for the film that have been released thus far look positively lush.

Unsurprisingly, both a PS2 and PSP game have been announced (courtesy of SCEJ). Visually the PS2 title looks a lot like Wind Waker, and plays as an action RPG – but the PSP version, a traditional RPG, more closely resembles Valkyrie Profile Silmera in its dreamy visual quality.
<Brandon’s note: Not to be confused with Brave Prove. Not that anyone would! Very odd that they’ve made the PSP game much more visually complex than the PS2 one. But they can do what they want!>
<tim’s note: the PSP game is made by Game Republic! it’s executive-produced by yoshiki okamoto! odds are it’s going to be better than the PS2 game, which is weird.>


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