News: How much does it cost to collect every Shounen Jump and every Famicom game?

| Zepy

famicom.jpgTV show Shuukan oriraji keizai hakushou has recently answered the question that many have probably thought about. How much would it cost if somebody were to hunt down every issue of Jump that was published or to buy every single Famicom game that was made in the current present day?

The video can be viewed here.

For those that want the answer immediately, they were able to hunt down every issue of Shounen Jump except three, and it cost them 1,196,742 yen to buy the 1876 issues, including the very first issue that was published in 1968.

As for the Famicom games, of the total official library of 1051 games on the Famicom, they were able to hunt down 1043 of them from used game stores and internet auctions, costing a total of 1,350,261 yen.

In case that video is down, check here for the famicom search, and here’s the Jump search parts one and two.


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