News: Capcom to start teaching in schools

| Zepy

capcom.jpgCapcom has announced that in association with the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Japan Securities Dealers Association, they will be starting a long-term educational support program where they send employees to schools to teach classes as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

In this educational support program, the students will first pick the company that they wish to support, and in response they will send pamphlets to the students from the company that they are interested in, and at the same time also send a request for the company to send somebody down to the school to teach them more about the company.

As the first part of their program, Capcom will be sending an employee to middle schools in the Saitama prefecture and use games which the students are familiar with to teach subjects such as the ups and downs of being a game creator or the ratings system for video games.

The objective is to teach the students more about the corporate world and also to cultivate students to independently learn more about subjects that they are interested in.


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