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| brandon

rapelaybenchmark.jpgHere is an awesome yet completely unnecessary site (my favorite kind!) that’d devoted to Japanese benchmark programs, which are used to test the power of your PC in terms of handling a specific game. There are loads of programs from neat games on here, and none of them even require the original game – they’re all independent programs. Each orogram has a simple explanation, screens, a video, and a “recommended” or “not recommended” rating. Most of them are not, turns out. Well worth a visit for people that like obscurities – also read his FAQ for a bit more info about his reviewing criteria and why he’s even bothering. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Kasuga Ayumu no Tsuhan Ondo – fun oldschool singing with a girl dancing on tokyo tower.
Dragon Knight 4, with graphics from Elf’s 2007 remake of the classic H-game/RPG/SLG.
Daikoukai Jidai Online – a maritime MMO from Koei. What he calls ‘sleep-inducing music’ I call really pleasant.
A-Train 7 – Artdink’s train management sim.
Gurumin – Falcom’s cute platformer.
FF XI has predictably gorgeous scenes in it, and Front Mission Online is nifty.
Derby Owners Club Online – Sega’s horse raising/sim/racing game.
There are even two Illusion games (the main company making 3D H-games): Jinkou Shoujo and (not work safe! But neither is the picture of it that I just posted) Rapelay. That last one is hilarious because it just populates a train with naked girls that jiggle senselessly with train “movement.” And they wind up in some humorous places!

In all, I highly recommend just going through and checking these out, if not downloading them. More sites like this, please! Thanks to DesertDog for posting about it in the forums, which are getting some cool stuff nowadays.


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