News: Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager

| brandon

dezaemon2.jpgDezaemon 2 is a game by Athena for the Saturn, which basically lets you make your own scrolling shooters. It was only released in Japan, and games were stored in a way that was non-PC compatible, which made them difficult to share. But a fellow by the name of Madroms from Satakore posted that he’s created a save management tool that allows these fan games, of which there are 118, to all be played on a modded Saturn. Check the Satakore post for more info about the process, and here‘s a video of the manager in action. When you preview a game in the manager, it shows you several screenshots and some of the music. Really nice touch! As I understand it, the program lets you preview the games from a disc, then load them into your backup memory, so you can then load them from the original Dezaemon 2 disc. Pretty great. There are also lots of videos of many of these games on youtube if you search for Dezaemon – most of which were also uploaded by Madroms. There’s some pretty interesting stuff in there, and some awesomely stupid stuff (this one’s just a JR train scrolling). That last one doesn’t appear to be on there. Oh no! Even more awesome (and which is actually in there) is this Bomberman game. How about Super Mario? That game is a perfect recreation of (at least part of) SMB, but with mario flying around and shooting tons of fireballs. Simply astounding. And there’s a Wizardry shooting game! What more can you ask for?

smbdezaemon.jpgIf you just want to browse, there’s also the Dezaemon 2 Engine, which is an online database of all the games that have been gathered thus far for the tool, complete with screens in many cases, and video in other cases. They worked with the Japanese Dezaemon 2 community to get these, so hopefully more will trickle in over time. The community is actually still going! Pretty neat all round. Thanks to Insert


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