News: ASK returns

| brandon

ASK.jpgAnother day, another drop in the flood of DS training games in Japan. This one is about learning English, (more specifically training for a specific English language test) and is no more exciting than the rest, but it does mark the return of ASK to game publishing, which excites me because they published most of the best versions of the Asuka 120% series, which is one of my favorite fighting game series ever. They also published Slap Happy Rhythm Busters. In fact, I believe they may be developing these games, now. ASK used to be associated with Kodansha, but that stopped in 1998, and after that, and with the rise of 3D, their games business took a sharp decline, as was common with many Japanese game companies. And as is also increasingly common, the DS is what’s bringing them back. You can see some of their stuff on Gamefaqs, but that’s missing all their Towns Marty, Sharp X68000 and NEC PC stuff. But they actually have two stupid “games” on their official page now! Hooray! For the curious, you can sort of see some of the old stuff they did via the internet archive, but most of it is broken. There goes about 10 years of videogame history… I’m just excited to see that logo again.

Update: While browsing 505 Gamestreet’s site for the Monster Puzzle link below, this popped up. It’s also by Ask, with Taito – here’s a site and a large image of the cover. Discuss ASK and Fill-In Cafe here if you’ve got more to say.


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