News: Cracking Armored Core

| kurokishi

ac_crack_win.jpgAn entrepreneurial chap by the name of Thinimus over on Raven’s Haven (one of the more lucid Western Armored Core forums) is trying to crack various Armored Core games (namely Ninebreaker and Nexus). The reasoning behind this is down to the fanbase often having problems with From Software’s approach to parts balancing (something that was addressed in Armored Core 4 with the new Regulations system). Not to mention that the non-Japanese releases had peer-to-peer online support removed (via a USB modem), much to the chagrin of discerning gamers who wanted to test their mad skillz out in the wild. Ultimately, people want to customize the game itself, which considering the whole focus of the games is about building your own pimped out robot, their intentions are rather fitting.

Anyway, apart from the discovery that Japanese coders are quite efficient the thread reveals that on the Evolution Disc of Armored Core Nexus if you view the data in 256 byte rows, there’s all kinds of ASCII images throughout the files. Nice touch I thought.

In any case, Thinimus is looking for programming assistance. So, if you’re an Armored Core fan that happens to work in games development as a programmer, I’m sure your services would be greatly appreciated.


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