News: Darius 1 & 2 remix CD

| brandon

dariusremix.jpgZuntata has allowed an official remix CD of the music from Darius 1 & 2 – check out some samples and track info here. I would say this is primarily for folks who like mid-late 90s era trance, as that’s what half of this sounds like. The remixes are commissioned by folks at SuperSweep (including Shinji Hosoe, creator of the Ridge Racer soundtrack) and Basiscape (including Manabu Namiki, a frequent Cave music contributor), two game music companies/labels.

I’d say the Basiscape stuff is a bit more timeless when compared to SuperSweep’s stuff, which is the trance-ier of the two. There are more good artists in there if you look around! Anyway, it came out yesterday for 2,940 yen, and it’s apparently up for preorder at VGMworld. Thanks to Slap Fight for the link! Official site for Manabu Namiki is here, and for Shinji Hosoe is here.

Update: For no reason whatsoever I made a post with the full track list, English names, and some games the arrangers have worked on.


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