News: More on Poison Pink

| brandon

The Poison Pink official site now has some videos, some awesome character art, and very nice music. It’s looking pretty nice so far! It’s clearly Flight-Plan’s biggest production ever, coming at the “end of the PS2’s life cycle,” which is actually completely untrue, but still! I don’t think Flight-Plan is aware of how not at the end of its life the PS2 is. Anyway, the game is coming out on February 14…Valentine’s day. Nice! RPGfan did a nifty interview with Masami Watanabe, Flight-Plan’s president, which was great to see, so give that a read if you’re a fan. Also, Famitsu has some screens if the movies weren’t enough. It’s still a Tactics RPG by the way, though the movies sort of give it a more traditional feel.


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