News: Orange Box in Japan

| brandon

orangebox.jpgI was intrigued to learn that CyberFront is distributing The Orange Box for Valve in Japan, but only on PC. I don’t believe it has a console port yet, but this is fully Japanese-language localized, apparently. Merely interesting because Valve partnered with Namco for the Arcade version of Half-Life, but CyberFront for the retail. This is interesting to me because CyberFront was up until a year ago quite small, and has been primarily and ADV/visual novel publisher. They moved up in that sphere when they brought KID back from the dead – for them to be publishing this marks yet another step up in the world for them. They’re still 33 people in size, and if you look at the front page right now, it’s Princess Maker 5, Angel Profile, cutesy music, and The Orange Box. I simply find it curious!


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