News: Famicom/Megadrive remakes

| brandon

A commenter in that Cinnamon Pirate post I just linked up made an interesting discovery. It’s a Japanese site (run by rinkaku) devoted to game hacks and original remakes for the Famicom… including games like Dragon Quest 8, Zelda: Link to the Past, Golden Axe, a Tomb Raider action RPG, a Titanic game based on the movie, Chrono Trigger, a bunch of Pokemon games, and Diablo II for Famicom among a HUGE slew of others, and a weird Lord of the Rings fighter, Final Fantasy 1, and a surprisingly good looking Super Mario World for Megadrive.

It’s worth just going through the whole list of titles…there’s lots of cool stuff in here, all with pictures. Rinkaku has a few videos up as well – there’s the FFVII one linked below, but also DQ 8 and its ending, Romancing SaGa and its ending, and a game called The Hacker, which is based on the Matrix, and has floating internet explorer logos in it.


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