News: Some modern S/NES players and devices

| brandon

A fellow sent me some interesting newsbits regarding super/famiclones that play real carts, and I’m pretty much reproducing them verbatim.

The Retro Duo is like the FC Twin but looks kind of shiny and neat, plus will play games that the FC Twin won’t. I’ve heard its made by the same people who made the FC Twin, but this being the internet there’s no firm proof of that or anything else I’m going to write. Reports thus far indicate it can play Super Mario RPG, and it’s speculated it can play Kirby Super Star as well. StarFox is also confirmed. Some comments on YouTube claim it even plays Castlevania III. Here‘s the YouTube video of a guy testing it out.

There’s a new product at Retrozone that’s designed to be soldered to a real NES. This is effectively a cart dumper but it’s also a debugger (it attaches a USB port to the back of an NES). It would be cool if it led to people making NES homebrew on a scale of

The company that makes it is called “Sealie Computing.” <Brandon’s note: we’ve covered them in the past, as they made the NES Flash cart and USB NES controllers among other things.> This guy also makes stuff for Apple’s old PDA the Newton. He got an edutainment program called “MathFaster“, which has the same seal that’s printed on the NES copier circuit board. More interesting, though, is that the game uses Megaman as one of the central characters.” Thanks to Scott Winston for sending this in.


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