News: Alien Stars’s ridiculous description

Alien Stars is a pc shooter available for free demo, and pay download – that’s not so amazing. What’s amazing is the product description. I’ll just get you started – you should read the full text yourself.

And here we go again! Millions of shining stars on a deep dark sky and a space ship flying so fast! Welcome to the fantastic world of Alien Stars – a fantastic Vertical Scrolling Space Shooter game! The game of our future. Leave your fears far behind. Set your mind free. Believe in the endless universe and it will blast in front of your eyes with millions of alien galaxies.

Set your mind free, people!

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News: SFIII sprite rips

Street Fighter IV is out in Japan now, and is actually quite enjoyable, but it’s also given me a new appreciation for what SF III was trying to do. Check out the amazing detail of these animations. is a sprite rip site, but the character select screen makes it work extremely well. It’s laid out perfectly. Don’t miss the chance to interact with the best fighting game female ever created.

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News: Dee Dee Planet Dreamcast video

Dee Dee Planet was planned for the Dreamcast back in 2001, but never saw the light of day. It was reportedly nearly finished, and developed by a web designer called Dori Dock. You can find an interview with the creator back here on the wayback machine, but more interestingly you can see some actual footage of the game. It’s very indie styled, so I’m not surprised it never came out…still, quite interesting. The guy making it said he’d never played videogames before. Curious!

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News: Indie shooter and Quantic Dream interviews

I did two interesting interviews recently – one with David Cage of Quantic Dream (Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain) about cinematic storytelling, realism, narrative, and all sorts of things. Check that out here.

Next, I did an interview with Jon Mak, Kenta Cho, and Omega (Every Extend guy) way back when I was in Tokyo – you can see that here.

Also note that I have a new harddrive now, and will resume regular updates beginning late this evening!

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News: Gold Lightan in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

gold_lightan_ftw1.jpgYeah, this is more like it. Ryu being crushed by the mighty hand of a giant transformable cigarette lighter. For those unaware, Gold Lightan is a character from a show that Tatsunoko released during the 80’s. The mecha itself is sentient and like Ultraman can change its scale accordingly (which is why it can be disguised as a handheld lighter). It has quite the following in Japan and the toy range is suitably extensive. Though the recent Soul of Chogokin edition is by far the most impressive.

What’s far more interesting is the preservation of scale in the game. As having human protagonists go up against a giant robot is a rather brave design choice. It also opens up the possibility of other mecha orientated shows from the Tatsunoko back catalogue to enter the fray. The rest of the screenshots are here.

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New: Armored Core For Answer US release

acfa_answerer_game1.jpgThere have been a bunch of rumours floating around that Ubisoft picked up the Armored Core baton after SEGA fumbled the release of Armored Core 4. Historically, Ubisoft are also a publisher that have had a decent relationship with From Software, as they published Armored Core 2 back in the day (in Europe) and more recently the Enchant Arm games.

Well, it seems that a few entrepreneurial staff at Wal-Mart have surreptitiously posted the release dates online. It seems that both the 360 and PS3 versions are scheduled for a US release on the 16th September this year. Despite the somewhat unfortunate name change; “Armored Core The Answer” will finally be gracing Western shores. Here’s hoping that Ubisoft don’t ruin the boxart like they did with Senko no Ronde and that the IGN, Gametrailers and 1up reviews evolve a clue prior to sitting down with the English version (as I’ve always thought that their previous “efforts” have been somewhat lacking, after all trying to play through the likes of Armored Core Last Raven with the starter config is forcibly facile).

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News: Why you should care about Korea

I wrote up an editorial a while back about the Korean market, and why developers should care about it. People have generally ignored most of the stuff I’ve done about Korea (in the mainstream anyway), so I’m putting it here as well, for you to see if you’ve any interest. The editorial is on gamasutra and is a bit short again, as it was originally run in Game Developer magazine, but does give you some flavor for the region.

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