News: Super Robot Wars Z is top of the Japanese charts

| ollie

srwz_baldios.jpgThe latest entry to the Super Robot Wars canon was released on the 25th September and in less than three days sold 366,493 units, placing it at the top of the Japanese charts. This is doubly impressive as Z costs a fair whack by Japanese standards, a suitably whopping 8,379 yen (a good 1000 yen more than almost all the PS3 and 360 games available). It’s worth highlighting the fact that Z has damn impressive 2D animation (to the extent that it makes Alpha 3 look antiquated, despite it being on the same hardware), which is probably where the price tag originates from and why the series hasn’t made the leap to HD (no, XO doesn’t count as that was a Gamecube port and scaling up 2D graphics isn’t something that can be done in hardware as it would look suitably arse). In addition, Z offers a whole new layer of tactics over the previous games. As it allows the player to setup formations of units that can be deployed in three modes, each of which feed into what formation the enemy is already using. On top of the unit and pilot intricacy, this new extra layer makes the whole game far more involving.

And “yes” I’m back, piercing the heavens for the fucking win I should add.


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