Skullgirls whiteboard sketches

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Back in February I went to the Reverge Labs office to play Skullgirls for a bit. It was at a very early stage, with only two characters in – the current build, which was shown at E3, now has three.

A couple of my friends from the beloved Mechafetus Visublog work there, and so I had occasion to visit their workspace, and poke around a little bit. I was particularly impressed by the chaotic whiteboard, which I understand they’ve been taking pictures of as it evolves, and may reveal those at the end of the project for interested fans. In the interim though, you can browse the photo to the left. It’s essentially an infodump from the artists’ brains. Here, you’ll find a detail of the little sort-of-comic-fragment in the middle. Update! Reverge has already started doing Whiteboard Wednesdays, showcasing the art in greater detail, including this awesome SNK section, with Athena and Ikari Warriors. It is amusing! The whiteboard I’ve linked to this post was only shown in part for the first installment of the series, so most of it hasn’t been seen before.

Skullgirls is coming “some time in 2011,” and our very own Vincent Diamante is the audio director now, Castlevania’s Michiru Yamane is composing, and Alex Ahad, Mariel Cartwright, Jonathan Kim, and Ouendan are doing art and animation, so at the very least, it’ll look and sound pretty neat when it comes out!


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