the insert credit podcast, episode two – citizen bonk

| Jaffe


Episode Two – Citizen Bonk

In celebration of Slurpee Day 2012, insert credit alums frank cifaldi, tim rogers, and brandon sheffield join me once again to dicuss:

1) Bonk’s Adventure vs. Super Mario Bros.

2) The essential ingredients of a good bossfight

3) Great Moments in Achievements History

4) Easy games that are still fun

5) Creative Pokémon design

6) Which Street Fighter character best represents the alternative medicine industry

7) Penny Arcade Sells Out (or: insert credit versus kickstarter, round two)

8)  The best video game names

9) The fighting game subculture

10) The meltdown of 38 Studios

I’m sure someday we’ll all look back in fond nostalgia at this time when we were still adjusting to our audiolegs. Regardless, we guarantee A-Grade gametalkin’ and S-Grade laffs!

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And remember: you too can hear your questions and suggested topics on the show by sending an email with the subject line “Insert Credit” to gorblax (“a t”) gmail ( “d o t “) com!

alex “gorblax” jaffe forgot to mention “wargasm”

BONUS UPDATE: Did you remember listening to this podcast and being overwhelmed with the desire to puncture your eardrums with toothpicks until the very concept of sound was a distant memory? Well now you don’t have to — our brand new sound editor Andrew Toups has graciously remastered this episode for your listening pleasure! Thanks Toupsie!


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