the insert credit podcast, episode 14 – train hard with bennett foddy

| Jaffe


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Whether you’re a fourth place television network, a Kotaku-featured cosplayer, or just plain hate yourself and love to be reminded of that by your games, you can’t stop QWOP! Bennett Foddy, creator of this breakout indie darling (as well as a host of other equally fascinating games) joins Franny, Timitha, and Brandonia for some jangly-legged discussion of:

1. Getting people back into arcades
2. A, AA, and AAAA titles
3. When DLC is worth buying
4. The best underwater segments
5. Awaiting the Alan Moore of video games
6. Air-dropping handheld game systems to everyone on Earth
7. The Nintendoland Theme Park Resort
8. Capcom vs. . . ?
9. Explaining QWOP to your mom
10. A listener question from my sister Maya!

Thanks again to Andrew Toups for just taking out the lightning round in this week’s episode completely. I take a lot of risks with this segment, and this week, well, it didn’t pay off.

Also, no listener call-in segment this week. But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped doing it! Send in your own recorded MP3s (60 seconds or less, please) as well as your questions for the show to While you’re at it, keep those iTunes reviews coming, folks.

LIVECAST UPDATE: looks like that’s going to happen this weekend. Stay tuned!

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