the insert credit podcast, episode 16 – jump on the giant chicken

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As an employee of Action Button Entertainment LLC,  interviewing my boss every week can sometimes be a harrowing experience (this is a lie). This week, we even the playing field for frank and brandon by inviting over Gamasutra Editor in Chief Kris Graft. Here’s that list of stuff we talk about this week (hi, NeoGAF fans):

1. Christian Nutt’s homework
2.Regional Lockout
3. Interior decorating tips
4. Halo 4 spoilers
5. Games to pack in with Windows 8
6. What the Dead or Alive fans want
7. X-COM: Enemy Unknown being a pretty neat game
8. The best mounted weapon in a video game (aka, more Warthog praise)
9. Saving you money on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
10. Insert Credit’s Official Endorsement for the United States Presidential Election

I hope you’ve got your spook-diapers on, because next week we’ll be recording our HALLOWEEN SPEC-DRACULAR! If you wish your mortal soul to be spared from the upcoming harvest, know that survival depends on rating and reviewing us on iTunes. And it wouldn’t hurt your case to send in questions and sixty second audio responses to previous topics on the show by way of

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