News: Moe money

Akadot has a translation of a recent article breaking down the “moe market” into cold, hard numbers. “The market for publications, visual media and games capitalizing on the emotion of “moe” – the lovable personalities of characters in anime – has risen to 88,800,000,000 yen (about $88,800,000) in 2003, according to the Hamagin Comprehensive Research Center (based in Yokohama prefecture).” Other such notable observations include: “…There are an increasing number males remaining unmarried past 30 – a demographic group comprising a dominant force in the moe market – which can lead one to believe that perhaps there is a desire for a partner that surpasses the human realm.” Can you imagine the business meetings centered on profitable levels of moe?

News: New Naomi-based Milestone shooter

raji.jpg Japanese developer Milestone, creator of the arcade, Dreamcast, and soon-to-be GameCube versions of shooter Chaos Field, is developing a new arcade shooting game for Sega’s Naomi GD-ROM arcade hardware, apparently titled Rajirugi [Radio-Allergy?] It will be exclusively one player, and features some… distinct [?!] visuals, to say the least. Thanks to Guest at the click-stick BBS for the tip-off.