the insert credit podcast, episode 80 – no more cheeroes

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit Has Got That Bad’un.

  1. Good Postmortem Discussion
  2. Chronotrigger Recruiting
  3. Largest Critical Blindspot
  4. Akira Toriyama Dragon Quest
  5. Taking Smartphones Seriously
  6. Themed Arcade
  7. Design a Non-Violent Video Game Using the Doom IP
  8. How to Become a Better Level Designer
  9. Redesign a Video Game Character
  10. The Crichtoning Round.

Music ‘Sonic Boom’ from Sonic CD, ‘Victory Fanfare’ from Final Fantasy VI and ‘Level 1’ From Jurassic Park for the NES.

the insert credit podcast, episode 79 – weird ninja turtles fan fiction

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit is Both the Sin and Punishment.

  1. Less Blank and More Blank
  2. Most Fun Projectile Catching
  3. Custom Soundtrack
  4. Video Game Olympic Representatives
  5. Improv Zone
  6. Most Unpleasant Console Game to Work On
  7. Personalities to Create a Game
  8. Microtransactions in Nintendo Games
  9. Willy Wonka and the Video Game Factory
  10. Lightning Round Rank the Devil May Cry Games

Music ‘Beach Stage’ from Flying Power Disc – Windjammers for the Neo Geo and ‘Monday (Glitch Mob Remix)’ by Nalepa from the DmC Devil May Cry Trailer.

the insert credit podcast, episode 78 – hot tunes and cool chooms

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit Has Zoop and It’s Jaffe’s Fault.

  1. Great Ideas Already Done
  2. Irrational Games
  3. Twitch Plays Pokemon
  4. Monthly Video Game Comic Books
  5. Most Back-Handed Compliment
  6. Your Video Game Boss
  7. Lightning Round Bottom Line Review Arcade Edition
  8. Lightning 2 Who Would Win in a Fight
  9. Lightning Returns Returns Elevator Pitch Co-Op Edition

Music ‘The Ego Room’ from Remember Me and the Zoop Soundtrack.

the insert credit podcast, episode 77 – the crybox

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit Celebra las Consolas de los Muertos.

  1. Brandon at D.I.C.E.
  2. Save Nintendo
  3. Successful Breaks Out of the Comfort Zone
  4. Mobile Birds
  5. Fictional Vehicles
  6. Video Game Holidays
  7. Good Castlevanias
  8. Nullify One Trademark, Copyright, or Patent
  9. Smash Mouth’s All Star of VGM
  10. Lightning Round Best to Worst

Music ‘Terra’s Theme’ from Final Fantasy VI Performed by YouTube User DSCAccount and ‘Lonely Rolling Star’ from Noby Noby Boy.

the insert credit podcast, episode 76 – iceberg podcast

| Blaine Brown


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Insert Credit is the Opposite of Cool Spot (That’s a good thing, trust us).

  1. Disparate Worlds Tactics
  2. The Series for WayForward
  3. Dreamcast VMU
  4. Accidental Greatness
  5. Surprises in Games
  6. Edutainment
  7. Lightning Round Opposite Day.

Music ‘In The Mountain’ by Yuzo Koshiro from Stickman Is Back Genesis, ‘Title Theme’ from Forever Kingdom (Evergrace 2), ‘Wild Child & Manmos’ by Yasuyuki Suzuki and Emiko Suganuma from Tail of the Sun PSX, and nearly the entire Frog Fractions Soundtrack by Twinbeard.

the insert credit podcast, megapost update

| Blaine Brown


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the insert credit podcast, episode 30 – electro-lester the unlikely

| Jaffe

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This week on the Insert Credit Podcast, I come one step closer to realizing my destiny as the Drew Carey of Video Games. Join us on our bold attempt to add story to our podcast’s gameplay as we tackle the following topics:

1) Deleting one video game from your memory
2) A Club Nintendo Makeover
3) Ralph Nader vs. Video Games
4) The deal with Team Fortress 2 and hats
5) Improv Zone: Two doting parents (Rogers, Cifaldi) support their nationally ranked teenage Call of Duty player (Sheffield).
6) Pinball Wizardry
7) First Person Non-Shooters
8) Game wiki management
9) Pulling game villains from the public domain
10) Manipulating the touch-screen interface without your fingers

Sound production and music curation provided by Andrew Toups. Write into with your own questions for the show, nominations for the  BGOAT (best game of all time) or the BGGOAT (best Genesis game of all time), and who you think deserves this week’s lightning round win. See you at 31!

alex jaffe will have a serious discussion on this show about lsd dream emulator one of these days, he swears

the insert credit podcast, episode 29 – endless walker with kirk hamilton

| Jaffe

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Video game journalism web log Hypertext Transfer Protocol Colon Double-Slash World Wide Web Dot Kotaku Dot Com features editor Kirk Hamilton joins us to discuss some topics I came up with literally 20 minutes before the show. It turned out pretty good! Here’s what you’re in for:

1) BioWare’s Gay Planet
2) Super Mario World as a Modding Community Playground
3) Electronic Arts president John Riccitiello vs. United States vice president Joe Biden
4) Modern pop artists in game music composition
5) Game-Inspired Hairstyles for your Girl/Boyfriend
6) Title schema for future Pokémon games
7) A report card for Platinum Games
8) The best power-up in a video game (and what constitutes a power-up)
9) Why Capcom hates Mega Man
10) How to inflate your game’s metascore

Plus, a lightning round with results to be judged by you the listener! E-mail who you think did the best job to

Thanks again to Andrew Toups, who did all the sound editing again. Music for this episode includes Sleater Kinney’s “Oh!” and Pizzicato Five’s “Trailer Music” and “It’s a Beautiful Day”.

Oh yeah! Last week, we had a whole show where we eulogized the PlayStation 2. Our “PS2culuar”, if you will (or even if you won’t, I don’t care, I will never stop making puns out of the word “spectacular” and there is not a thing you can do to stop me). If you haven’t grabbed it off iTunes or our RSS feed yet, you can download it here.

Lots of you have been requesting the Best Games of All Time list from a couple weeks ago, so I’ll post it here for your consultation. Don’t like these results? You can influence the 2014 Edition by e-mailing your nominations to Get to it!

alex jaffe is particularly fond of Zexion’s hair in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Tetris (Various)
OutRun 2 (Arcade)
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Arcade)
EarthBound (SNES)
Mother 3 (GBA)
God Hand (PS2)
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (GB)
The Secret of Monkey Island (DOS)
Half-Life 2 (PC)
Another World (Amiga)
Sid Meier’s Civilization (PC)
Bonk’s Revenge (TurboGrafx-16)
Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
Minecraft (PC)
Cave Story (PC)
Super Metroid (SNES)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS)

the educated gentleperson’s fighting game primer

| patrick

Kid, I hear you got beaten up at school the other day. Got hit real bad, didn’t ya? Who were you fighting with? I bet he used Ken, didn’t he. There, there, son–calm down. It’s okay. That’s what I’m here for.

Foreword: Why Fighting Games Matter

Introduction: Here Comes a New Challenger!

Chapter Zero: On Execution

Chapter One: The Anatomy of a Fighting Game

Chapter Two: Ryu vs. Ryu (everything you need to know about fighting games)

Chapter Three: Fleshing Out the Design Skeleton

Chapter Four: Intro to Combos

Chapter Five: Eleven Tips For Not Sucking At Street Fighter

Appendix: Recommended Reading