the insert credit podcast, episode 21 – grim fans dango

| Jaffe

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Frank Cifaldi, Patrick Miller, Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield


  • Mistakes as a game mechanic
  • Wii U: The Next Generation
  • Skyrim with guns”
  • Planning a Capcom restaurant franchise
  • Kratos vs. Bayonetta
  • When it became socially acceptable to talk about video games in public
  • Metroid: The Movie: The Soundtrack
  • The Fender Stratocaster of video games
  • Tim Schafer’s fanbase and what they want
  • Visual novels in America

  • Brainlord, “Natural Cave”
  • Shuggie Otis, “Purple”, “Sparkle City”
  • Sound editing by Andrew Toups

We’ve threatened you with it before, and this time we actually followed through — we had our very first livestreamed podcast! We had a blast doing it, so if the lord is willing and the creek don’t rise, that’s how we’ll be doing those from here on out. We were blown away by how many of you who showed up on such short notice! In the future, we’ll be keeping you in the loop through our Facebook group. So if you haven’t joined yet, now’s the time. Keep sending in your questions to, and we’ll see you later this week. Or, at any rate, you’ll see us.

-alex jaffe didn’t realize his hair was getting that thin

regarding the perfect situational compound videofriction

| tim

regarding the perfect situational compound videofriction
a writtenthing about castlevania, by the milliseconds
by tim rogers

This week, a reader of my Formspring asked me a question regarding compound videofrictions. My 2,000-word answer details what I think to be the superlative example of what professional action game designers who look exactly like me often call “situational compound videofriction”: Richter Belmont’s back-step in Dracula X: Rondo of Blood for the PC-Engine Duo.


the insert credit podcast, episode 20 – 9 cent convenience fee

| Jaffe

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I’m gonna  be honest with you guys: there is no possible way we’re ever going to be able to live up to last week’s show. Prepare for every episode of this podcast to pale in comparison to Episode 19, because I don’t think we have it in us to do another one like that. It’s a once in a lifetime sort of thing, and if you heard it, it is now a part of you forever. Still, we can’t exactly leave you hanging, so Tim, Frank, and Reserve Panelist Patrick Miller show up this week for a nice chat about . . . these things:

1.  Roll-Playing Games
2. Games as recruiting devices
3. Warren Spector’s DuckTales
4. Level editors
5. “Playing for the story”
6. Four consonants which will change your life
7. Women in Rockstar games
8. Packing swimsuits
9. The most difficult type of video game to review
10. Bottom Line Reviews: Console Edition

Remember to rate and review our show on iTunes, guys! It’s not an inherently evil program, people. If you don’t have it you can just install it, leave us a review, and then uninstall it. Nobody checks that sort of thing. Come on, tell me you at least have a Facebook page. Because we’re on there too! Join the party! What? You have got to be kidding me, you don’t have iTunes or Facebook? Man.


Okay, let me think about this. All right. Here’s what we’re going to do: you can send an e-mail to with your questions for the show, or your recorded responses to one of our topics (60 seconds or less, please). You’ve got e-mail, right? I think they give you one with your birth certificate now. The government can fine you for not having one.

Thanks again to Andrew Toups for coming through with some most excellent sound editing! Did you know he’s in a band? I saw them last week and they were pretty hot. Here is their Wikipedia article. We don’t even have a Wikipedia article! So that’s pretty impressive. Talk to you next week!

-alex jaffe revels in being “that guy”

the insert credit podcast, episode 18 – gamesptoptp

| Jaffe

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Hey, kids! We know last week’s episode was a little spooky, so we’re calming things down this week with a quiet affair with just tim, frank, brandon and yours truly. You know, like it was in the first month of the podcast, except this time we almost know what we’re doing. I think this is one of our best episodes! But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself after hearing us cover these astounding topics:

1. Sanford and Son on the PlayStation Vita
2. Polygon’s search for an identity
3. Preorder bonuses and collector’s editions
4. Surviving the Devil
5. Explaining Dishonored to your mom
6. Disney’s LucasArts buyout (LucasArts’ Disney buyout? One of those)
7. Spoiler-free Portal 3 predictions
8. Square Enix charging us like 15 bucks for mobile games
9. The P.T. Barnum of video games
10. Owning a GameCube

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While you’re using the internet to indicate your approval of this podcast, you can go to iTunes and leave us a rating and review, or email me at with your feedback, your fanmail, your questions for future episodes, or your own audio recording of 60 seconds or less responding to one of our previous topics. Special thanks once again to Andrew Toups for knocking it out of the sound-editing park this week.

And as for you, listeners: as the Pokemon Center nurse ominously says, “We hope to see you again!”

-alex jaffe once preordered kingdom hearts: 358/2 days for the puffy stickers but never got them

re: ten super nintendo games for under $100 each

| tim

“ten super nintendo games you can purchase for less than $100 each”
by tim rogers

Hello, my lovelies!

I suppose many of you don’t know that I have a Formspring. Formspring is a website where people can ask people questions, either anonymously . . . or nonymously.

I’ve been glibly, quickly, hiply answering a lot of questions in as few words as possible (“What magazine would you most like to be on the cover of?” “Big Penis Decadely”), though every now and again I look at a question and decide to give it a good once-over.

Someone recently asked me “I just got a SNES, and you just so happen to be in control of the next ten games I will buy and play on the SNES. What are the 10 games I should play that aren’t going going to cost 100+ on ebay? And what are 1 or 2 rarer games that are worth it?

I liked this question, so I decided to give it a long answer — which I have decided to post here. I had fun answering it. So: it gives me an idea — send me questions to my Formspring, either anonymously or not, and maybe I’ll answer them in a short feature post like this on Or maybe I won’t! I reserve the right to ignore your question with extreme prejudice.

So . . . think of this as something of a slower-paced, text-based, one-question installment of the insert credit dot com podcast. (I’ve just given myself the idea to write short features based on previous podcast questions. Oh man. We should do that, guys.)

Anyway, let’s get on with my little answer to that big question:


the insert credit halloween specDRACULAr

| Jaffe

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People Involved in this Podcast

Things We Talk About on this Podcast

  • Franchises needing a Halloween entry
  • Count Dracula and Death: Bros for UnLife
  • Easy video game costumes
  • Making zombies fun again
  • Why Pac-Man is chased by ghosts
  • Coming up with a better name than Resident Evil
  • The Insert Credit DOOM .wad
  • Spooky Kill Marry Screw
  • The Scariest Video Game Ever Made

What You Can Do To Help Out this Podcast

  • Rate and review us on iTunes
  • Submit your listener questions and feedback to
  • Record your own audio responses to our topics (60 seconds or less) to
  • Tell your friends
  • If you see any of us in real life, tell us we’re cool

  • bye
  • -alex jaffe 

everything you need to know about the future of video games

| patrick

by patrick miller

(alt title: vomiting and throwing iPhones: the future of video games)

To people who play games and people who make them: Our world is changing at a rapid rate, and for once, the people who spent their lives playing and making games are not the ones on the cutting edge. Kickstarter, free-to-play, mobile/social — all of these are things that are changing the medium we love (and not always for the better). Read these four stories about the future of video games, and you will come to embrace change, though maybe not with both arms but just one of those man-hugs that starts with a handshake and transitions into a shoulder-bump with a back-pat finisher.


Drink the free beer and do your job: E3 2012

| staff

As a so-called “video game journalist,” my work day is perhaps a bit outside the norm. After all, I am essentially paid to play video games, a concept so absurd that I’m often forced to wonder if I’m not trapped in a fever dream, destined to wake up drooling on myself and fervently screaming about the cultural significance of Kid Icarus: Uprising. Thus, I live with the constant fear that someone will finally discover how ludicrous it is to pay me to put together Amazing Spider-Man walkthroughs, every day stumbling out of bed, downing a handful of Xanax, and nervously editing video files. All while waiting for that inevitable “you’re fired” email.

the insert credit podcast, episode 16 – jump on the giant chicken

| Jaffe

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As an employee of Action Button Entertainment LLC,  interviewing my boss every week can sometimes be a harrowing experience (this is a lie). This week, we even the playing field for frank and brandon by inviting over Gamasutra Editor in Chief Kris Graft. Here’s that list of stuff we talk about this week (hi, NeoGAF fans):

1. Christian Nutt’s homework
2.Regional Lockout
3. Interior decorating tips
4. Halo 4 spoilers
5. Games to pack in with Windows 8
6. What the Dead or Alive fans want
7. X-COM: Enemy Unknown being a pretty neat game
8. The best mounted weapon in a video game (aka, more Warthog praise)
9. Saving you money on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
10. Insert Credit’s Official Endorsement for the United States Presidential Election

I hope you’ve got your spook-diapers on, because next week we’ll be recording our HALLOWEEN SPEC-DRACULAR! If you wish your mortal soul to be spared from the upcoming harvest, know that survival depends on rating and reviewing us on iTunes. And it wouldn’t hurt your case to send in questions and sixty second audio responses to previous topics on the show by way of

-alex jaffe still enjoys the occasional game of minesweeper