News: Psikyo

There’s been much speculation as to the current status of shooting gods Psikyo. The company was a splinter group from Video System – they established themselves back in 1992, going on to develop such titles as Strikers 1945. Round about 2002 (the date is very unclear), Psikyo disappeared off the face of the earth, presumably going bankrupt, releasing a final G-Taste mahjong game right before dissolving. Then along comes X Nauts, with suspiciously Psikyo-ish qualities, publishing Chou Aniki Protein Densetsu being among these. After much confusion, it now appears as though Psikyo is an X Nauts division. It is unclear how this came to pass, but there are two main theories: One is that X-Nauts is simply Psikyo restructured, as much as Playmore is the new SNK. Another theory is that X-Nauts is a shell publishing company which re-formed Psikyo as a development unit. Either way, Psikyo is very clearly back, and currently partnered with Taito not only for work on the Type-X arcade board, but also for re-releases of the company’s classic shooter titles. While the middle bits are vague, the end result is clear – Psikyo is alive and kicking.

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Review: Katamari Damashii

Another review that got lost in the shuffle for a while. tim wrote this before the game had been released in america…but it’s only going up now. It’s no less provocative, perhaps moreso, given that certain bits contained therein are no longer totally veridical. That’s right, veridical. Look it up.

Note: edited for idiocy. Thanks to mark chui.

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News: Gôketsuji complete CD box

Noise Factory is working on a CD Box with soundtracks from the Gôketsuji series:
Gôketsuji Ichizoku
Gôketsuji Ichizoku 2 -Chotto dake saikyô densetsu-
Gôketsuji Gaiden -Saikyô densetsu-
Gôketsuji Ichizoku 3 GROOVE ON FIGHT
Shin Gôketsuji -Matrimelee-
The details of the box, such as the price and release date, will be announced shortly.

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News: Play NSFs on a Famicom, easily?

wdc.jpg The rather splendid Hally over at the VORC retro game music/’chiptune’ site has posted English-language info about new Japanese homebrew hardware from WeirdDeviceCorp that will allow you to play NSF music files on the real Famicom/NES hardware. Apparently, ‘It uses SD memory cards (up to 64MB) for file transfer, and also features [a] 3.5mm audio mini plug’. For more info and pics, you can check out the Japanese-language page for WeirdDeviceCorp’s TNS-HFC1, which will be sold at Comiket in December. Though the gadget only supports Mapper 0 tunes, that seems to include most of the tracks on Therefore, NES music geeks should run, not walk to Comiket if they want to hear NSFs as god (or, at least, Hiroshi Yamauchi) intended.

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News: SNK restructuring

Written by Eric-Jon:

“SNK’s reorganized. It has been confirmed (in the usual vague manner) that:

1: SNK Playmore has absorbed SNK NeoGeo and Noise.
2: SNK NeoGeo Hong Kong is now SNK Playmore Hong Kong
3: SNK NeoGeo Consumer Corporation is now SNK Playmore USA

That means there are now only three legs remaining out of the enormous
Playmore group. Ben Herman mentioned via email that the move is an attempt to simplify worldwide identity.

Familiar as it is, ditching the “NeoGeo” is due as well, given the
direction that SNK has been moving in. And given that they don’t have
hardware to deal with, it seems to make some sense to consolidate
whatever they’ve got going, development-wise, at SNK NeoGeo and Playmore.”

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News: Jets ‘n’ Guns indie shooter released

Over at U.S. indie site DIY Games, there’s some interesting info (plus a little grousing over sluggishness) about Jets’n’Guns, a Czech-developed 2D side-scrolling PC shooter with some neat-looking graphics, and a playable demo available for download. According to the developers, “Jets’n’Guns is a heavy piece of ground shaking rock blasting action dressed in full metal jacket colored to kill in graphics that will blow you eyes out!” Heck, it’s even got a metal soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy, makers of the best Chris Huelsbeck remix of all-time, even including Scooter’s remix of ‘Level One’ from Turrican. Nice to see Western shooter developers keeping up their end of the bargain, anyhow.

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