News: Yakusoku no Chi Riviera

| brandon

Riviera has been released on the GBA for almost a month now. The game is ported from an original wonderswan (Swan Crystal) title from Sting. Characters have been redrawn, voice has been added, but unfortunately the attacks and spells remain at the Swan Crystal level of graphical appeal, rather than making the jump to transparency. Regardless, it’s quite a good game, with an excellent story, and it has a slim to nil chance of making it to the US (voice acting in a GBA game kills its chances), so you might want to pick it up if you’re feeling rich. I have some impressions of the game in the forums.

Two discs have been released alongside the game – the Prelude Disc, which has CG images as well as minigames and an arranged song, and the Introduction Disc which contains a soundtrack, and was released in game stores. This coming Comiket (67), they will release the Epilogue Disc, containing voice drama, staff info, and lots of other bits.


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