News: Mushihimesama/Ibara artist tracked down

| simoniker

mushi.jpg A new Namako Team weblog entry makes with the detective work and reveals info on Tomoyuki Kotani, the lead character designer and illustrator for Cave’s 2D arcade shooters Mushihimesama and Ibara. According to Jiji’s post: “Born in 1977, Kotani got his start in the game industry working on art for Psikyo’s mahjong sequel Taisen Hot Gimmick Kairakuten. For the next few years he did sprite animation work for SNK, Eolith, and Playmore on King of Fighters 1999 through 2002, and later on Gouketsuji Ichizoku (Power Instinct) Toukou ~Matrimelee~. Kotani worked at SNK at the same time as Falcoon, whom he respects and by whom he was apparently influenced.”


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