News: Ultracade announces Breeder’s Cup arcade game

| simoniker

racing.jpg Sega’s Derby Owners Club has been a major arcade success in Japan, and the addictive horse breeding/racing game is even locatable in the West in some major arcades. But the original machine is a gigantic, ultra-expensive 8-seater, so it seems that U.S.-based Ultracade, makers of emulated arcade machines such as Taito Arcade Classics and other Midway/Atari/Capcom licensed multi-packs, including the rather neat-looking Street Fighter Anniversary Edition, has decided to compete with Sega on a smaller scale, announcing Breeder’s Cup World Thoroughbread Championships Tournament Edition. Highwaygames also mentions a familiar magnetic card system, but also “online connectivity feature that allows players to compete against other players from around the globe in real time” – basically, networked Derby Owners Club.


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