News: Hot Gimmick mahjong instructionals

| simoniker

gimmick.jpg Professor Jiji has been researching again, and has plenty of new info on Hot Gimmick Access-jong, the latest PlayStation 2 conversion of X-nauts’ Hot Gimmick mahjong series. He explains that the game involves “…[fake] surfing to various well-known artists’ websites and of course holding mahjong duels against females they’ve drawn. The artists that contributed to the game include the increasingly popular Mine Yoshizaki (Keroro Gunsou), well-known Ayanami-scribbler and Scrapped Princess character designer Mogudan (NSFW), Ugetsu Hakua, Zen Yasumori, Tsukasa Jun himself, and several others.” The post also links to a good review of the arcade version of the game, from a Russian site which also has an excellent ‘how-to’ mahjong guide.


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