News: Torus Trooper Update

Torus Trooper got updated while I wasn’t looking. (Or maybe it was while I was playing Nanaca Crash. Probably…) New features include a cool replay mode, so-smooth-it’s-smoov color shifting, and various fixes for bugs I never got to experience in my previous travails.

And it’s FASTER. Meaning: it’s REALLY easy to get past 10000 km/h now. Wow.

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News: Planetarian English Translation Complete

scr04.jpgMore insanity at the insanely slow-rendering web page known as insani. Today, the group released their 100% English patch of the retail release of Key’s Planetarian. Remember, this is just a patch, so you’ll need to purchase the game (or content yourself with the Trial Edition… or… well…) to see what makes this novel so kinetic rather than visual. Yes, there is a difference.

Note: Just so that everyone is on the same page here: while Key is pretty famous for a game catalog which includes many adult games, Planetarian has no adult material.

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News: From Sam & Max 2 to Bone

bone-game.jpg As they hinted not long after the cancellation of Sam and Max: Freelance Police by LucasArts, TellTale Games, founded by the people in charge of the abandoned project, had a trick up their sleeve in the form of an adventure game based on the praised Bone comic book series. This will be the second title in their young history after interim ‘casual’ game TellTale Texas Hold’em Poker, released earlier this month. [2/27 update: There’s an interview avaiable at]

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Rumor: Native on Dreamcast?

There is a rumor going round that Native, one of the last planned shooters for the Jaguar, is coming to the Dreamcast as a homebrew. Not sure if it will be commercial or free, or even if it’s coming to pass (looks very likely), but certainly interesting to think about. The company has been emailed, more info as it comes.

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Flash: Nanaca Crash

I can’t hide this game from you any longer – the posting of this notice was only delayed by the playing of it. Nanaca Crash is a distance-based flash game in which you hit a young lad with a bicycle , then attempt to keep him in the air. The persons on the ground act as combo boost, angle, or stop attacks. Watch the ‘special’ area to see which characters have extra properties at the time, and if you hit them, click the screen for spectacular gains. You can also teleport attack with your bike when he’s in the air, three times for up angle, though down angle replenishes itself. Great fun – I’ve seen a score as high as 12k+

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News: Tokimeki Memorial Online

There’s now an official site for Tokimeki Memorial Online, the dating sim MMO. Though, it might be a bit less point and click, and a little more sims-esque. They call it a community game, and you actually take part in a school, joining clubs, doing homework (one can easily imagine a student skipping real homework to do their virtual homework, which would be quite insane). Regardless, the screens are interesting, and the concept, once more is revealed, may be something curious.

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