News: Kill Bill mod for Beats Of Rage

| simoniker

killbill.jpg The original Beats Of Rage by Senile Team has spawned a plethora of mods over multiple platforms for the Streets Of Rage vs. King Of Fighters ‘freeware’ original. The latest and possibly best turns the game into a strangely appropriate Kill Bill Vol.1 riff. There are multiple screenshots of the very brief but satisfying mod over at, and GP32News has a link to the GP32 PAK download itself. It’s also available for PC and for Dreamcast over at the BoR Revolution mods page – you’ll need the freely downloadable full game to run any of these. Oh, and other fun-looking (and entirely unofficial) BoR total conversions include a very gory DOOM mod, a whole other Kill Bill mod (DC only?), and even a Day Of The Tentacle mod (so far unreleased.)


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