News: March News Round-Up

| simoniker

Time for a quick round-up of some of the fun alt.goings-on this week, perhaps, from endearing Nintendogs movies, through sexy indie gamers, all the way to surreal text adventures:

– has a bunch of new Nintendogs movies, including a photo diary of ‘My Life With Nintendogs’ from some representative and puppy-hungry Japanese girls.

– the finalists for the Sexiest Indie Gamer of All Time are up at These Adonis-es are handsome/beautiful, and they love indie games – a winning combination, I’m sure you’ll agree.

– Missed this one from a while back, but has a nice Alien Hominid-related photo report on visiting the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Conference. We love teh (fiendishly difficult) Hominid.

– A report from the Taiwanese Digitimes site revealed that Iron Phoenix developers InterServ, the only official Xbox developers from Taiwan, are working on a game called Condor Trilogy Online for Xbox 2. In addition, it claims: ‘The development costs of an Xbox2 game is estimated to exceed US$ 1 million.’ No wonder outsourcing is so popular.

– The overall winners for the 2004 XYZZY Awards for interactive fiction (that’s text adventures, if you prefer) have been announced. Looks like the ‘surreal’ Blue Chairs cleaned up, and may be well worth checking out.


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