News: Touch! Dic!

Perhaps the most unfortunately named DS title ever, Touch! Dic! is actually somewhat interesting, if you do a little investigation. It’s a newly announced original title from Korea – the manufacturer, not necessarily developer, is Daiwon C&A Holdings, the exclusive Korean Nintendo distributor. The company, formed in 1973, is largely known for animation. They have released Pokemon properties, Ghibli films, and also have a satellite broadcasting business in conjunction with Bandai. The company has also dabbled in original Korean games through partnership with “Hanvit Soft”, which is a botched translation of Hanbitsoft, whose pedigree you can see here. Daiwon does however, have a development group of their own for ports, so it’s entirely possible that the group could create original games in-house. The Touch! Dic! website will go fully live in two days, but unfortunately this is nothing more than a dictionary for the DS (confirmed here). The reference on the box cover, that company having a large translation division, suggests that this might specifically be a korean-english dictionary. So perhaps it’s not as interesting to play as it was to investigate!

Update: The official site is now live, for those interested. As dictionaries go, it looks nice. Also has a calculator function.

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News: Sengoku Cannon

Sengoku Cannon is the next in the moderately popular side scrolling shooting series (Blade, Ace) from Psikyo. The game will be released by X-Nauts on PSP in July, and is now officially confirmed. New characters will be designed by Tsukasa Jun, as before.

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Insanity Naked Hunter Group will be releasing yet another superplay DVD set, but this time it will not be shooter-centric. THE STARTING OVER HYPER STREET FIGHTER II will include SFII replays from a whopping 16 players, and a special CD and booklet will also round out the package. It will release on June 30 for 6090 yen. Check the site for video samples.

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Play-Asia: Taito Memories preorder

Play Asia has preorders up for the Taito Memories arcade collection, mentioned yesterday. There’s no confirmed US date yet, but it seems likely that the game will make it here – whether the same titles will be included is another story.

Incidentally, if some of these games seem unfamiliar, jiji has added links for all of the games.

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News: Turner’s GameTap – a big deal?

gunstar_heroes.jpg You may have seen yesterday’s news that Turner Broadcasting, part of Time Warner and the guys who do Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, are moving into the games-on-demand arena with GameTap, to launch later this year. It’s a monthly, “all-you-can-play” gaming service, launching with 300 games – you need to keep your subscription to keep playing the games. But.. which games? Here’s where it gets interesting.

For starters, GameSpot confirms that “Sega will provide… titles from the Genesis and Saturn consoles… Pac-Man will lead the more retro part of the service’s catalog.” There are also more contemporary games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. In addition, a QT3 attendee at last night’s launch event in S.F. reported on example GameTap games showing on demo video, including Gunstar Heroes, Vectorman, Police Quest, Toy Commander, Tomb Raider, Asteroids, and more. More info will likely debut at E3, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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