News: AWNet no more & operators concerned by upcoming releases

| chazumaru

Iggy just translated some arcade-related news from Alpha-Station, summing up the info at a recent Sega Private Show. Here’s what we learned: Sega announced that SNK Playmore’s NeoGeo Battle Coliseum will be the last game using SegaSammy’s AW-Net service, which copied Virtua Fighter’s VF-Net and asked you to play hours of the tedious KOF NeoWave in order to unlock hidden characters (among other annoying examples). Games like KOF XI and Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden will remain offline.

Speaking of “Tenkaichi”, operators aren’t found of it. The two previous Samurai Spirits releases had less than stellar incomes, and august will also be the month of Capcom/Banpresto’s new Gundam Seed game. Not only that, but NGBC’s control problems seem to have been fixed, and the operators think that NGBC will be commercially above SvC, at the level of Neowave (which triggered strong income in spite of being panned critically). Now, as NGBC launches in late july and as the SNK audience isn’t ubiquitous, Tenkaichi supporters have reasons to be pessimistic.

SNK isn’t the only one to have calendar issues, though. Notice the upcoming releases: NGBC in july, Tenkaichi in august, GGXX#reload/ in september, Hokuto no Ken in october and KOF XI in november. The whole AtomisWave 2D fighting scene is shooting itself in the foot with five games released in five consecutive months, a dream for fans but a nightmare for operators – the upcoming arrival of Spectral Vs. Generation (new movie here) on Type-X notwithstanding.


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