News: Porindama

porindama33.jpg The guys from Cosplay Teahouse Girls (not necessarily work-safe links) are one of the more interesting game studios on the doujin scene, after a bunch of arcade-action hits. They’re now trying their hands at puzzle games, with Porindama, a Puyo Puyo clone based on the universe of Ragnarok Online. Porindama, which is rated “for adults only,” and scheduled for Comicket 68 (next august), will come with a specific scenario and voice acting for each character. There is a nice demo available here (direct link).

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News: Duel Savior Destiny – PS2 Guardian Heroes?

dueldestiny_01.jpg Alchemist has just opened the website for its next PS2 game – a port of Giga’s 2004 Windows-release Duel Savior (which is soon to get a sequel). Originally developed by the same team behind Baldr Force, this was also originally a hentai action adventure game, only this time, battles take the form of a side scrolling fighting game. Similarly to Guardian Heroes, the CPU controls up to two allied characters and the player’s character may coordinate with them for more elaborate ‘combos’. The port will get a new opening, new voices and new illustrations (besides the obligatory removal of the pornographic scenes, we suppose). While the game has been announced for this fall, IT Media and Game Watch are already previewing the game with a nice set of screens and artwork pieces.

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News: Megami no Namida TRUE

angel2.jpg The amazing japanese duo Angel’s Rest has a new RPG in the works titled Megami no Namida TRUE , as shown on their main page via two recent screenshots. The character design is still taken care of by the talented Takashi Konno, who provided their celebrated Tenshi no Bishô (released in 2004) with some of his best works. Megami no Namida TRUE should be available on RPGMaker as a shareware for a few thousand yen, later this year.

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Not-News: UKR paranoia

Further down the “always paranoid that the UK Resistance is making fun of me” track, the pundits have a new Chief Executive of Operations, under the masthead “STAFF: It’s a hilarious satire on the AmericaniZation of the internet!” has the first name of Brandon. The plot thickens! Since this should actually be semi newsworthy, I’ll also point out that there’s a speed run of Mario 64 online – 70 stars, 1 hour, one minute. Grabbed from Simoniker’s linklog.

News: Xanadu Next

xana_next.jpg Provided you register to Falcom Mail Magazine, you will have access to a secret address (shush!) with brand new information on Xanadu Next, the next big release from Nihon Falcom as Ys ~The Oath in Felghana~ hits the shelves today. In Xanadu, the gameplay, mixes side-scrolling cave exploration and top view dungeon crawling, Some found it very addictive and curious gamers can find a flawless port of the original on the Saturn via the Falcom Classics compilation. There’s also a nice homage to be found on the famed ece4co shockwave nekogame page.

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News: DoomDS

demon1.jpg Another homebrew for the DS has been revealed, and it’s none other than the classic ‘port to everything’ game, Doom. The game’s development began as an answer to the positive response to the Metroid Prime: Hunters demo not being followed by numerous First Person Shooter announcements, to the dismay of numerous fans of the genre. Although it remains as faithful to the original game as the DS’ limitations will allow it to be, DoomDS will feature 3D graphics, and there’s already a tiny media section to watch for. Check the About section for details such as how it will play, what version of Doom it will be most like or what engine is used.

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