News: Duel Savior Destiny – PS2 Guardian Heroes?

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dueldestiny_01.jpg Alchemist has just opened the website for its next PS2 game – a port of Giga’s 2004 Windows-release Duel Savior (which is soon to get a sequel). Originally developed by the same team behind Baldr Force, this was also originally a hentai action adventure game, only this time, battles take the form of a side scrolling fighting game. Similarly to Guardian Heroes, the CPU controls up to two allied characters and the player’s character may coordinate with them for more elaborate ‘combos’. The port will get a new opening, new voices and new illustrations (besides the obligatory removal of the pornographic scenes, we suppose). While the game has been announced for this fall, IT Media and Game Watch are already previewing the game with a nice set of screens and artwork pieces.


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