News: Lindbergh unveiled

lind.jpgWe know everything about the Lindbergh through some evil Famitsu scans, with some of the games referenced in a post below. As Sega told this summer, their new arcade system is not based on any of the next-gen consoles. It’s more in the same vein as Taito’s Type-X board – it’s a PC-based arcade board with a 3GHz Pentium 4 processor, a NVidia GPU, 1024MB of memory, games on protected DVD-ROMs, USB controllers and a big effort put on its LAN capacities. Whereas rumors presented the Lindbergh as a successor to the Chihiro (which had an XBox-based architecture), Sega’s new board is a quite “neutral” system – its NVidia environment perhaps giving the PS3 a slight potential edge for future ports. A new project by Yu Suzuki is also joining Afterburner, Power Smash 3, The House of the Dead 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 in the Lindbergh’s line-up. The game, Psy-Phi (pronounced like ‘Sci-Fi’), is described as a “versus action-shooting game” apparently using a tactile screen.

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News: Trizeal on PS2

This was just revealed on Sega’s page for the Tokyo Game Show 2005. With the name Shooting Love ~Trizeal~ [!], the last DC game and one of the best examples on how to ruin the classic shooting formula with an inconsistent audiovisual department, is in production at the moment for the Sony console, joining Chaos Field (already announced for the PS2) for the cause. Not a dying genre, it seems.

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News: ‘Sequels’, you say?

In its latest issue, Famitsu Magazine published a long list of forthcoming titles for the current generation consoles, specifically lots of sequels/remakes of well known classic games. Some of them had been already revealed at E3, some were just rumored, and others are quite surprising. This is the case of Gokumakaimura (or is it ‘Kyokumakaimura’?) for the PSP, Capcom’s sequel to Chohmakaimura [Super Ghouls’n Ghosts], which is confirmed to have 2D gameplay. Xenosaga is also coming back as a DS game, as is Bokujou Monogatari [Harvest Moon] and Street Fighter Zero 3 (subtitled ‘Double Upper’, meaning that we could find some new characters), both for the PSP. Also, more than one game based in the Sakura Taisen universe is currently being made for the PS2, as is Sega Rally 2005. There will be a new Crazy Taxi for the next generation systems, Power Smash 3 [Virtua Tennis 3] (ARC) and a new Afterburner (ARC). These two titles will supposedly be supported by the Lindbergh system and be presented at tomorrow’s AM Show, along with the previously announced Virtua Fighter 5 and The House of the Dead 4.

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News: Illusion Blue

03_l.jpg Albeit supported by a rather dubious character design, Illusion Blue is a nice doujin vertical shooter from Hysterical Bonfire, with a clever close combat system and various weapons taking inspiration from brawlers. There’s even a useful tutorial for understand the robots’ handling and different meters, as Illusion Blue uses up to four action buttons, which is quite a lot for a shooter. Vector has a streaming movie of the game, and you can download the latest version of the game here.

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News: Boxing no Machi

boxing.jpg The website Boxing no Machi (“boxing town”) is unsurprisingly focused on the noble art of boxing, which would be as revelant on IC as a link to a guy who can turn local subway tickets in X-Wings, if it weren’t for its webmaster’s ability to produce copious freeware in his favorite genre. Some of the weirder efforts include boxing “games” using your computer’s clock or hardware performances to decide the outcome of a match. One can also find valuable software such as Card de Boxing (which sums up everything with its name), Kuroi Punching Ball! (a punching ball simulator with a combo counter), and the recent Jisha Boxing (“live action boxing”) which is a more exhaustive boxing simulation but is only available as a demo on the website – the full version is 500 yen. All of these programs are avaiable on his software download page (right click disabled).

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News: Everybody loves TUO

media.jpg Our newspost on the Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra apparently caught the attention of numerous people. mentions the brown-haired half of Jaune Frères in their new feature on game influenced musicians (also covering other familiar IC favorites such as The Minibosses). The Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra will also be part of the cultural event Game Hotel 2005 next september in Paris through a first-ever live performance, and took part in the soundtrack of a very stupid fan project I’ll detail soon. To avoid hurting Boulette‘s bandwith and also to celebrate his sudden surge in celebrity, Tanguy’s musical website Miniclash (regrouping his different solo and band projects) will be updated by tomorrow with most of his work.

[8/31 update] And here it is.

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News: Ketsui ~Kizuna Jigokutachi~ and Mushihime-sama DVD announced

mushitama.jpgA perfect replay DVD of two of the latest Cave games has just been announced via Cave’s website. Also, while the release date is still not known, Puzzle! Mushihime-Tama (you can find some new screens on the same page) is now scheduled for September 27th, according to River Service. Both products will be presented at the AM Show 2005.

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News: Hitofude news

Some crazy guy with a lot a free time coded a flash version of Chokkan Hitofude (a.k.a. Polarium)’s quite excellent puzzle mode. A nice, albeit not very legal way to discover one of the earliest games on the DS, designed by Mitchell for Nintendo. In case you enjoy this flash yet would rather fall for the upcoming and damn cute Famicom-colored Gameboy Micro, a GBA adaptation titled Tsuukin Hitofude will be released next october 13th in Japan, exactly one month after the Micro. Thanks to G_G for the link to the flash game.

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