News: Boxing no Machi

| chazumaru

boxing.jpg The website Boxing no Machi (“boxing town”) is unsurprisingly focused on the noble art of boxing, which would be as revelant on IC as a link to a guy who can turn local subway tickets in X-Wings, if it weren’t for its webmaster’s ability to produce copious freeware in his favorite genre. Some of the weirder efforts include boxing “games” using your computer’s clock or hardware performances to decide the outcome of a match. One can also find valuable software such as Card de Boxing (which sums up everything with its name), Kuroi Punching Ball! (a punching ball simulator with a combo counter), and the recent Jisha Boxing (“live action boxing”) which is a more exhaustive boxing simulation but is only available as a demo on the website – the full version is 500 yen. All of these programs are avaiable on his software download page (right click disabled).


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