News: ‘Sequels’, you say?

| Recap

In its latest issue, Famitsu Magazine published a long list of forthcoming titles for the current generation consoles, specifically lots of sequels/remakes of well known classic games. Some of them had been already revealed at E3, some were just rumored, and others are quite surprising. This is the case of Gokumakaimura (or is it ‘Kyokumakaimura’?) for the PSP, Capcom’s sequel to Chohmakaimura [Super Ghouls’n Ghosts], which is confirmed to have 2D gameplay. Xenosaga is also coming back as a DS game, as is Bokujou Monogatari [Harvest Moon] and Street Fighter Zero 3 (subtitled ‘Double Upper’, meaning that we could find some new characters), both for the PSP. Also, more than one game based in the Sakura Taisen universe is currently being made for the PS2, as is Sega Rally 2005. There will be a new Crazy Taxi for the next generation systems, Power Smash 3 [Virtua Tennis 3] (ARC) and a new Afterburner (ARC). These two titles will supposedly be supported by the Lindbergh system and be presented at tomorrow’s AM Show, along with the previously announced Virtua Fighter 5 and The House of the Dead 4.


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