News: Empire licenses Taito Legends 2

According to a PDF press release, Empire Interactive is putting together a second Taito Legends compilation, different from the Taito Memories comps in Japan. The first Taito Legends, made by Empire for the european market, had 29 games, and has been licensed by Sega for the US. The second disc will have ‘up to 40’, meaning that combined, these comps will have over a dozen more games than the Japanese versions. Most curious!

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News: Disgaea 2

OK, we’re a little late on this one, stay your anger! Apparently Nippon Ichi has planned a direct sequel to Disgaea, though this one will be hex-based. The game will be coming in 2006, and you can check out the preliminary official site here. At least we know the Prinny is in!

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Not News: Spyware for the Saturn

Eric-Jon noticed this piece of amazon hilarity. It’s a Spyware blocker “from Activision”, that is theoretically compatible with Windows NT / 98 / 95 / XP, and……..Sega Saturn. This spyware is rated E, appropriate for those 6 and older, so don’t let your five year old get ahold of this one.

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News: DataEast X SunSoft

mi_01.jpg It was bound to happen: some doujin group got inspired by Namco X Capcom and produced its own insane dream match. Syunpu Teikobo and Mirai Tekikuukan have united their forces to produce DataEast X SunSoft, a cross-over which is an undeniable proof of good taste from the creators. Right now it’s “only” a fantastic movie which you can download on their site through numerous mirrors, but one can only hope the net reaction will drive them into trying to make it a complete game – although the work to accomplish would be of titanic proportions. The names of most featured series are given away in the vid, but note some really cool hidden references and cameos such as Ruth from Crude Busters, the ox from Fighter’s History Dynamite, Chelnov facing “Chelnov MD”, the checkered background of Death Blade, Tantei Saburou Jinguuji’s tobacco jokes or Albert holding a “Hero’s Sword” made of wood. Found on the IC boards.

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News: Cyan Worlds Undead

They’re back! Already!

You might recall that a mere handful of days ago, and moments before Myst V: End of Ages was released, Rand Miller of Cyan Worlds was forced to fire every single person who worked for him, with the exception of one other person. Cyan was to go into hibernation until he figured something out. Well, he’s figured something out now and hired back almost everyone he just fired. So all right then. Save those tears for another day!

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News: Drill’s first demo

chara_mina.jpgDrill is a doujin shooter for Dreamcast that we already talked about last june. The game has been produced by some of the guys behind the popular french site and, after two years of development, a public demo will be released on the 30th of september on the game’s website. They are even trying to release it at precisely midnight tonight, which is 11:00PM GMT and therefore a few hours away as I write this post. To celebrate the launch of the demo, there should be some BGM (produced by Onosendai) avaiable for download as well, and some character art can be found here. I think it would not hurt to stress again that Drill is a Dreamcast game, hence do not complain to us if you cannot manage to run the demo on your computer.

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News: SNK TGS trailers

The TGS trailers for The King of Fighters: Another Day and Max Impact 2 are now up on SNK Playmore’s site. Go watch ’em! They’re pretty nifty. Note Kyo’s expression about 1:07 in, when he’s defending against Alba’s zappy fist. He didn’t see that coming!

Likewise, the pre-rendered Max Impact stuff is a bit more nuanced and advanced than in the first game. Still a little weird-looking, but that’s okay. You can see the new parrying system about 1:50 in.

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News: Dance Dance Immolation

immolation.jpgVideo games, performance art, and potential danger come together once again with Dance Dance Immolation. Its just like DDR, except with flame-throwers! Perform well and you light up the sky, but do poorly and your face is hit with fire.

Seems very similar to Tekken Torture Tournament from a few years back where folks played Tekken 3 while hooked up to electrodes. Every hit delivered in game would result in a jarring, yet non-lethal electric shock for the player.

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