News: Impressive start for Wanda

| chazumaru

It’s hard to escape the buzz going around Wanda To Kyouzou (Shadow of the Colossus in the western world). One major interrogation was whether the game would be a better commercial success than Ico, which started pretty slowly despite rave reviews, before reaching cult status among a wide array of players. Iggy found out that Wanda managed impressive sales figures over its first days in japanese retail, already breaking the 100,000 units sold. Over the same period, the opportunist re-edition of Ico’s “Best Hits” version is almost a sold out as well. As a reminder, Tim reviewed Wanda and would love to see you confront his ideas here. There is certainly a lot to say and read about the game, and the IC forums are actually a good place to begin with – whether you just started the adventure or want discussions filled with spoilers by people who already finished it.


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