News: Rule of Rose

| brandon

Rule of Rose is a new survival horror/adventure game from SCEJ, with quite a disturbing theme. You take the role of a young girl in england in the 1930s, who is lured to a specific house by a boy who only she can see. He gives her a book of disturbing fairly tales, which by degrees come to a sort of life in this house. The house is occupied by other young girls who simply want to be loved, but through their naive innocence create a rather horrid lord of the flies-like environment, from which the heroine wishes to escape.

Gameplay is similar to Demento/Haunting Ground, in that a dog helps you through, and there’s more emphasis on discovery and the ‘adventure’ aspect (ala Siren), in order to unravel the story. The game may not hit the states, given the rather disturbing, and sometimes psuedo-erotic content. Take a look at a promo movie here, though be aware that while there’s no nudity, it’s not necessarily something you’d want your boss/teacher/whatever to see you watching. Worth a look, it’s quite beautiful, in a horrible way. The game is due out January 19th, and there’s been very little info about the game released, oddly enough. You can preorder the game here, if you’re curious. Thanks to Hague and Iggy for the info.


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