News: GameSetWatch sets up

| brandon

Check out GameSetWatch, a new games blog from my employers CMP, via sometime ic-poster Simoniker. It’s less niche-based than insert credit, though I am also contributing to it. Other posters include our old pal Frank Cifaldi, and a bunch of other people I know a lot less about, but are also supposed to be smart.

As a taste, check out a recent post on Cenix’s newly-planned game playing handheld. Cenix previously made MP3 players and voice recorders, and is located in Korea. The 1 gig unit comes with two games, still plays MP3s, and also boasts some 50,000 games via the company’s website upon release. More images on Aving!
P.S. if you stop reading ic because of it, I will stab you. Read both! It’s the only solution.


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